The Voltcom Group takes pride in quality above everything else that it does. It's a constant focus to know how important quality is in every project developed, both externally and internally by the company.

To continue to succeed and grow in the future Voltcom needs to adapt and change, thinking innovatively about its business, culture and the way it rewards its people.

Voltcom treats its clients and each other fairly and courteously and with the respect for the diversity of its approaches. Voltcom and all its staff are sincere and trustworthy.
Voltcom serves everyone by building relationships that encourage the sharing of skills, information and ideas.
Voltcom is dynamic and enthusiastic. The Group will look for opportunities and challenge conventional thinking, pushing all concerned to go beyond expectations.

Voltcom's values

Voltcom's values have a key role to play in its on-going success. Values like earning trust through open communication and combining skills with those of its partners for the best possible customer outcomes

Voltcom shares risks and rewards with customers and suppliers and is constantly innovating to achieve competitive benefits for all concerned.

Voltcom values the health and safety of all the people whose lives are touched by its work. Which is why it operates a thorough Health and Safety policy to keep all employees, clients and the general public safe from harm

construction With rising energy and waste costs, tougher legislation and the increasing expectations of its clients and their customers, operating to a properly sustainable agenda means Voltcom can simultaneously save money and open up new market opportunities.

There is an ‘inconvenient truth’ driving every right-thinking business, Voltcom among them, to reduce any destructive aspects of their operations to the bare minimum. It’s also leading to international agreements that aim to make the conservation and sustainable use of the Earth’s biological resources a global reality.

There is much to do, and Voltcom values its own contribution – even though it can only be fractional. But failure to take account of the health and well-being of future generations is unthinkable for a company like Voltcom, where upholding the safety of all those whose lives are touched by it is by far its most important priority.

Voltcom regards all its values with same amount of intensity across the whole group and ensures that it meets them

Voltcom's mission is to become the partner that Tier 1 contractors turn to for resources whether it is in Construction, Vision or Fleet Solutions, the same values will be placed on everything it does


Latest News

Cardiff based construction firm Voltcom Construction, has been awarded a reconfiguration project by Scottish Power Energy Networks in North Wales that will require design, project management and construction services. The network reconfiguration will involve the removal and replacement of steel lattice towers and will enhance flexibility of the network supporting the North Wales area. Voltcom […]

Voltcom Construction Limited have enhanced their delivery team in Northern England with the recent appointments of Gavin Kington and Chris Lunn. Gavin & Chris bring a combined fifty years of Power Transmission and Distribution construction experience to Voltcom and will work with operational delivery teams from Doncaster. With specific experience in the construction of steel […]

Cardiff based construction firm Voltcom Construction, have been awarded a new build project for the construction of a heavy duty wood pole connection in Scotland by SP Energy Networks. The connection will span 16km between Ewe Hill and Gretna and involve the design, project management and construction of 180 wood pole structures, Phase Conductor and […]

Cardiff based construction firm Voltcom, have recently secured a four year framework with Scottish Power Energy Networks servicing the Low Voltage to 33kV Overhead Line Network in the Dee Valley and Oswestry region of Mid Wales. SP Energy Networks awarded the four-year framework as part of their Electricity Distribution Business Plans submitted to Ofgem in […]